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Rob is the Vice President of User Experience at Miller Systems.

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Miller Systems Picks Up a Bronze Omni Award for

By Rob Wagner | February 5th, 2015

Our thanks to the Omni Awards for recognition in the “Self Promotion” category for our work re-designing and re-developing our own corporate website,

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Prediction for 2013: An Explosion of SharePoint Internet Sites…and a Grain of Salt

By Rob Wagner | January 17th, 2013

Originally published in CMSWire, January 3, 2013

Microsoft has crafted the latest edition of its Web Content Management platform to make it more appealing as a solution for building public websites. SharePoint has long been the go-to platform for intranets and document management solutions for small to large businesses.  But now SharePoint 2013 is poised to make dramatic inroads as a WCM for internet sites.  Continue Reading…

Six Ways to Improve the Content Contributor Experience in SharePoint

By Rob Wagner | September 19th, 2012

Originally published in CMSWire, November 07, 2012

As discussed in a previous article (Making SharePoint WCM More Adoptable for Content Contributors), a thoughtful and usable contributor experience is critical to the successful adoption of a SharePoint WCM experience. Content drives the site, so making content contributors comfortable in the editing environment is essential. Here are just a few ideas for simple improvements that can make a world of difference in adoptability.

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Why SharePoint WCM Contributor Adoption Matters

By Rob Wagner | September 4th, 2012

The proliferation of web content management platforms promises to put content creation rightfully into the hands of subject matter experts, but the editing experiences of many of these platforms remains a mixed bag. Microsoft’s SharePoint platform, which is becoming a major player in the WCM arena since its release of SharePoint 2010, provides seemingly endless opportunity for creating and publishing content.  However, it still presents some significant adoption obstacles to content contributors. Continue Reading…