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Miller Systems Picks Up a Bronze Omni Award for

Our thanks to the Omni Awards for recognition in the “Self Promotion” category for our work re-designing and re-developing our own corporate website,


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Prediction for 2013: An Explosion of SharePoint Internet Sites…and a Grain of Salt

Originally published in CMSWire, January 3, 2013

Microsoft has crafted the latest edition of its Web Content Management platform to make it more appealing as a solution for building public websites. SharePoint has long been the go-to platform for intranets and document management solutions for small to large businesses.  But now SharePoint 2013 is poised to make dramatic inroads as a WCM for internet sites. 

Microsoft’s investment to ease SP 2013 design implementation benefits *all* SharePoint professionals

The (excellent) Tuesday morning session at SPC 12, “Best Practices for Designing Websites with SharePoint 2013” was presented to an elbow-to-elbow standing room only crowd of SharePoint professionals, and the new features and best practices presented in the session elicited applause from the crowd (and frequent hooting from one person in front of me).  On the surface it’s a strange room to find an Engineer in, whether SP Practice Lead or no, but I suspect the crowd represented a cross-section of SP pros of all different disciplines.