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Seth Miller Hosts “Future of Freemium” Panel at FutureM Conference (Video)

October 22nd, 2013, by

On Thursday morning Miller Systems founder and CEO Seth Miller led a panel of seasoned marketing professionals at FutureM 2013 in a session titled “Future of ‘Freemium’: Driving Business or Out of Business.”

From software to journalism, consumers and business leaders expect so much for free. It’s disrupting business models and forcing producers to shift to higher-value/highly-differentiated niches, or switch to other monetization models, such as selling off user data or hocking ads. When the expectation is “free and cheap,” how do you market premium offerings that will sustain a business model?

In a packed lecture hall with about 100 in attendance, the session was a resounding success.  There was lively discussion, active twitter engagement, and an informative question-and-answer period. Seth would very much like to thank all those in attendance as well as the stellar panelists who helped make this FutureM panel a memorable one:


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